Jeera Pulao (Cumin Scented Basmati Rice)

January 7, 2017
Jeera Pulao

Basmati rice alone is a great pairing for a good Indian curry. And Jeera Pulao is the next level of flavour town. I can eat the cumin scented, slighly salty rice on its own without anything else. There have been evenings where I will be shoveling this in my face while watching my stories on the television. These days, I make it to pair with a bowl of lamb curry.

Jeera Pulao

Yield: 2 Servings  |  Preparation time: 5 minutes  |  Cooking time: 30 minutes

This recipe is based on ratios, where the rice to water ratio will produce cooked rice where the grains do not stick to each other. The amount of jeera, oil and salt to add are personal preferences, so adjust accordingly. To add more layers of flavour, you can add bay leaves, cardamom or cloves as well.



Step 1

Wash the rice in running water until the water runs almost clear. Drain the water away.

Step 2

Heat the oil in a pot on medium heat and add the cumin seeds. Let it sizzle in the oil for a minute.

Step 3

Add the drained rice, salt and water to the pot and stir it gently to distribute the oil and seeds. Bring to a boil and let it simmer until almost all of the water disappears (Some bubbles are visible but at rice level). About 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 4

Cover the pot and turn off the heat. Leave for 20 minutes.