Thai Grilled Lemongrass Chicken

January 14, 2017
Thai Grilled Lemongrass Chicken

A very popular crowd pleaser, this is another dish that I created during my Thai food phase. The flavours are very similar to Tom Yum Soup which are sweet, savoury, spicy and packed with lemongrass. This is a great dish to have at summer house parties where I'm firing up the charcoal bbq.

Thai Grilled Lemongrass Chicken

Yield: 4 Chicken Leg Quarters  |  Preparation time: 10 Minutes  |  Cooking time: 30 Minutes

The recipe calls for chicken leg quarters, but I normally use chicken thighs. I debone them but keep the skin on to retain more moisture while they are grilling. Nevertheless, you can use any part of the chicken with or without the bones and skin. The chicken can be cooked on the grill, baked in the oven or even pan fried. The source of salt is in the fish sauce, so adjust it to your taste.



Step 1

Remove the woody outer layers, butts and stems of the lemongrass and discard. Smash the fleshy stalks with the back of the knife and then finely dice the lemongrass.

Step 2

Mix the lemongrass with the remaining marinade ingredients and smear the marinade all over the chicken. Marinate overnight.

Step 3

Cook chicken on the BBQ or in a preheated oven at 400°F (200°C).